Let us tell our story

In the vibrant tapestry of 2020, Lost Tales Entertainment was woven together by the collaborative spirits of Arzuk, Nazarud, Rooks, and Adam. Originating with a simple vision of curating exceptional events in unique locations, our journey took an unexpected turn when the global pandemic led us to explore virtual realms. This unforeseen detour, however, granted us the precious time needed to solidify our direction.

Fast forward to 2022, Lost Tales has emerged with renewed strength and a cohesive collective. Rooted in innovation, we are poised to breathe fresh life into the region’s entertainment landscape. From event production and promotion to talent management, Lost Tales aims to provide memorable experiences that become enduring stories.

Our mission transcends the ordinary, as we strive to fill the void in the entertainment scene. Lost Tales stands as a beacon, ready to enrich the region with captivating experiences and unforgettable narratives. Join us on this journey as we craft stories that resonate for years to come.