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Every journey entails a story. Lost Tales exclusive & limited invite-only this 30th Dec @ The Hall, Crane KL. Between the melodies, rhythms, and sounds, a hidden story is told. Enter the magical world of lost and obscure musical tales from our stellar lineup.

Pick your path. Will it be an escape or an adventure? Choose wisely and see you on the journey!

Storytellers for the night:





White Crane


Strictly Invites Only ( Exclusive Free Entry Before 12AM)

For Walk-Ins & After 12AM (only if capacity allows):

Door Charge: RM30 (No Drinks – Only Cover)


Please present your ID at the entrance for identification purposes on the event day. We reserve the right to deny entrance if your information is incorrect and does not match our records. Thank you.


We do not condone any use of illicit drugs/substances, carrying dangerous weapons is prohibited in the event premises, and any violent / harassing act will result in necessary action taken against violators.

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